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    FMIS have deemed it necessary to offer qualitative and unparalleled education among her contemporaries in this recent century through a structured admission policy.
    The schools welcome application from pupils/ students regardless of race, religion, colour, national or ethnic, origin or sex etc.

    Here is a summary of our admission procedure to guide you in enrolling your child in our school.

    Visit our campus and purchase an application form. You can as well download the electronic application form by clicking on the download button below,
    but please note that you are still required to make a payment before the form is processed.
    Submit the completed application form with the following documents:

    • 2 recent passport photographs (not more than 6 months old)
    • Photocopy of candidate's birth certificate or international passport data page
    • Most recent academic reports from the last 2 years
    • Applicant's character testimonial from the current school
    • Immunization record and medical report (after the admission is offered)

    Applicants will undergo a test according to their age category

    Successful candidates will be informed via SMS, email or phone call.

    A provisional letter of admission will then be issued for collection.

    Acceptance letter signed and returned with all required payment.

    Payments are made on school premises. Accounts department issues a receipt.

    The receipt is very important so please keep it safe.

    Student meets with a senior teacher and is allocated to the appropriate class.

    The admission form

    For further enquiries on how to apply:

    Please call any of the following numbers: +225 45 67 37 76, +22504614318, or +22558269345

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